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Motion graphics for live events

It’s 2016 and long overdue an update on the Chimp Media site so here’s some interesting news about some cool new tricks we’ve got up our sleeves and some old tricks you might not know about.

In 2015 we covered a whole host of live events with multiple cameras and would add lower thirds / logo stings etc. after an event. However after spending a few quid spent on some nifty-hi-tech-whizzy video production equipment we’re now able to offer overlaying of various motion graphics at live events.

This means we can add timer graphics, tale of the tapes, player/fighter information and also logo stings / transitions during a live production and send this to projectors / screens in a venue.

This also means we can play out graphics or advertising while streaming directly to the Internet with our live streaming equipment which has been growing in popularity over the last year.

If you’d like us to cover your event with or without our motion graphics then feel free to Contact Us!

Combat Sport FC – Lights, Camera, Action!

Last night the Chimp crew were up to the early hours covering Doncaster based Mixed Martial Arts event Combat Sport FC. The show had a total of 17 bouts and we produced the show with multiple cameras live in Full HD.

For the multi-camera live production we had slow motion action replays, an 18ft camera crane all of which was projected to big screens and multiple TVs around the venue.

The event featured some really exciting bouts, with a hungry Jack Grant matched up to a much more experienced combatant in Jason ‘Daddy Cool’ Ball at the top of the fight card. This fight sent the crowd crazy as the local underdog sent Ball crashing to the canvas multiple times within the first round to finish the fight in impressive fashion, with Grant raining unanswered hammerfists which eventually KO’d his opponent.

It can be a brutal sport to film but that’s what makes both filming and watching it entertaining!

Rally Car Promotional Video

Last week the Chimp Crew were being thrown around corners at ridiculous speeds for a promotional video for a rally car team at Blyton Park in Gainsborough.

Smash MuayThai 6

We first got on board with the Smash MuayThai World Series team for their 4th event and the promoters had the vision that they wanted to promote UK MuayThai to the world stage. The event was indeed a success with a multi-camera shoot, some amazing fly-over jib shots and slow-motion action replays for the crowd to watch the action more than once if they blinked and missed it!

However, their 4th show was nothing in comparison with the event we just produced with them. During pre-production meetings on the lead up to the event, we pushed for flame jets, CO2 jets and also a pyrotechnic display which would astonish the crowd and that it did! The fights were just as well matched as the first event, but the level of production had improved so much with the addition of the visual effects.

The Chimp Media team really enjoyed working so closely with an event who were willing to invest in improving the overall production of the show as this not only improved the overall experience for the audience, but it also made what we do look a lot better. We’re now setting about making promotional videos as well as TV programming for Smash MuayThai 6 and we’re really looking forward to the next event!

Check out some action shots courtesy of Mark Blundell Photography!

smash-muaythai-mark-blundell smash-muaythai-mark-blundell-1 smash-muaythai-mark-blundell-2 smash-muaythai-mark-blundell-3 smash-muaythai-mark-blundell-4 smash-muaythai-mark-blundell-5


Do It Yourself Dolly

Would like to say a quick thanks before I get started to Dale (AKA Quail Trail). He made the whole process look so easy and it took him a matter of minutes to make all the adjustments required (it’s been sitting in my wardrobe for some time as I would have messed it up if I made an attempt to modify it!)

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Two blog posts in one day, what’s happened?! Maybe I’m making up for the lack of blog posts over the past few months! Apologies before I get started as it appears I have caught the time lapse bug. It’s not exactly new to me, but when I revisit something I start to think about all the extra little things I can do to improve something I’ve done previously.

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Last night I ventured out of Lowestoft to go to the Big City and meet Mr. Tom Ellis and finish off an outstanding project. While overlooking the Thames from his flat I decided to mess around with the camera and set up a time lapse.

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I haven’t written a blog post in a while, so after a long day of taking lots of photos (you may have gathered from the the title!) I thought I would write one! Where do I start? Might as well go with what’s fresh in my memory, so here goes…

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The team arrived at the venue nice and early on Saturday, a lot earlier than normal as we had to prepare for our first live streamed event to the internet. 10th Legion Championship Fighting was going to be broadcasted live, to the entire world!

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It’s quite hard coming up with new ideas each time we create a highlight reel for another fight event, but this time I think we’ve done it! We’ve recently had a moody slow motion 60 second teaser for a TV advert, this video has again been shot to provide a smooth slow motion highlight reel, but this one is colour rather than black and white. It has been graded and I have added a few extra little bits to the highlight reel to make it slightly more interesting when some action happens. You’ll also notice changes in speed in places to coincide with big slams and elbows!

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