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Filming in Gateshead & Video Premiere in Lowestoft

It’s Bank Holiday Monday, and despite it being a bank holiday we’ve been working! Today me, Tom E and Brendan went to The Globe Inn in Lowestoft for the premiere of Samuel Hughes’ music video for “In The Streets”. Sam, AKA PurpleSolja is looking to submit the video to AKA channel after promoting for a little while on Youtube. I shot the video in approximately 7 hours using 5 different locations and a total of 11 takes. We also shot a little bit of b-roll taken while moving from location to location. Tom Ellis then went to work and used all his editing skills to make this really cool video. The people that attended the premiere were really impressed – so a big thumbs up! I took a few photos of his close friends (also one of Brendan looking like a model!)

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Documentary about the positive aspects of dementia

Yesterday I attended a showing of a documentary about dementia at the Seagull Theatre based in Lowestoft. Chimp Media provided camera equipment and helped with the filming, editing and motion graphics for this 35minute film. In the film, health professionals, carers, and those with dementia all give their different perspective on how they deal with day to day life. It also talks about how people perceive those with dementia and how our understanding is gradually changing.

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A young musician, Samuel Hughes (23), who performs under the name ‘Huzi PurpeLsolja’ has created his first music video with two chimps, Tom Tailford (27) and Tom Ellis (19).

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