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Do It Yourself Dolly

Would like to say a quick thanks before I get started to Dale (AKA Quail Trail). He made the whole process look so easy and it took him a matter of minutes to make all the adjustments required (it’s been sitting in my wardrobe for some time as I would have messed it up if I made an attempt to modify it!)

I’ve had one of these cheapo Konig universal dolly bits o’ kit sitting around in my wardrobe for some time, and bought it with the intention of using with the Manfrotto 525 / 503HDV – but after removing one wheel and losing all 3 of the leg clamps I decided that equipment modification was not my forté.

Quail Trail started by drilling holes in my 525 legs. I can hear people shoting “OMG!” – but it’s ok, the legs have little rubber covers on the feet, not on the actual legs, that were easily modified. We then went to a local shop  to purchase all the necessary nuts and bolts. To attach the larger castors to the dolly we purchased 3 washers, 3 bolts (35mm), 3 nuts, 3 locking washers. To attach the tripod to the dolly we purchased 3 tapered bolts with 3 wing nuts.

Once we had all the fastenings, Dale made the markings on the dolly and drilled all the necessary holes. Hey presto, my cheapo dolly was now customised to fit my Manfrotto 525 legs perfectly! Im really happy with the finished product, official Manfrotto dollys are approximately £150 second hand – in comparison this cost £30 for my cheapo Konig dolly and I bought Quail Trail lunch and gave him some money for his banana fund!

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