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Last night I ventured out of Lowestoft to go to the Big City and meet Mr. Tom Ellis and finish off an outstanding project. While overlooking the Thames from his flat I decided to mess around with the camera and set up a time lapse.

I used a Canon 7D with the Canon 17-40mm lens for a wide shot, I then fired up the trusty laptop and EOS utility software to capture all the images. I had a quick fiddle and found an exposure time of 25 seconds with an apeture of f/11 worked well. This gave a nice exposure and everything was in focus, then I used the EOS utility to fire the camera every 30seconds.

This resulted in just over 700 images, but, unfortunately the battery died at around 7am just as things started to get a little more interesting. Next time I think it may be worth getting up early, rather than staying up late for a better final video!

Anyway, this is enough of me babbling… check out the video!

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