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I haven’t written a blog post in a while, so after a long day of taking lots of photos (you may have gathered from the the title!) I thought I would write one! Where do I start? Might as well go with what’s fresh in my memory, so here goes…

Today I took a bunch of photos in Lowestoft for a friend of a friend for an e-commerce site where she will sell clothes, jewellery, shoes and all that girly type stuff. It allowed me to have a fiddle with my camera in a studio environment, and after setting up the camera to take pictures of vintage clothing on a mannequin I got snappin’, slowly. It takes a considerable amount of time to ensure that there were no creases or funny folds, and you have to make modifications when taking shots of the front/rear/side of each item and after a full day I reckon we got through about 70-80 different pieces of clothing, thankfully I didn’t have to take all of these! Saying that, I may have drawn the short straw, I decided I would play with Luca, who was fueled on a diet of Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate Buttons, Cookies and Pringles,which meant he was hell bent on keeping me running round, swinging him about and generally keeping me very busy, as you can see!

Tomorrow I will be taking shots in Norwich of more clothing & fashionable items, but this time it will be with models, which is another area I am not so experienced… Telling girls to look down the camera and pout, and maybe even explaining how you should pout (someone explained to me what you’re meant to do!) is a little bit daunting, but it’s all a learning curve – which will mean I will be able to perfect my skills at photography with models, and hopefully offer some kind of portfolio photography for aspiring models in the future!

On Wednesday we will also be returning to Norwich once more to do the last few items with the models. Lydia said that we have approximately 35 items to do tomorrow and Wednesday, so, I would have thought it won’t be as hectic as today, although the addition of the models may make things more complicated… Who knows?! I will report back and maybe post a few photos up of the results – until then, you can enjoy the random photos of the gang involved today!

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