Smash MuayThai 6

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Smash MuayThai 6

We first got on board with the Smash MuayThai World Series team for their 4th event and the promoters had the vision that they wanted to promote UK MuayThai to the world stage. The event was indeed a success with a multi-camera shoot, some amazing fly-over jib shots and slow-motion action replays for the crowd to watch the action more than once if they blinked and missed it!

However, their 4th show was nothing in comparison with the event we just produced with them. During pre-production meetings on the lead up to the event, we pushed for flame jets, CO2 jets and also a pyrotechnic display which would astonish the crowd and that it did! The fights were just as well matched as the first event, but the level of production had improved so much with the addition of the visual effects.

The Chimp Media team really enjoyed working so closely with an event who were willing to invest in improving the overall production of the show as this not only improved the overall experience for the audience, but it also made what we do look a lot better. We’re now setting about making promotional videos as well as TV programming for Smash MuayThai 6 and we’re really looking forward to the next event!

Check out some action shots courtesy of Mark Blundell Photography!

smash-muaythai-mark-blundell smash-muaythai-mark-blundell-1 smash-muaythai-mark-blundell-2 smash-muaythai-mark-blundell-3 smash-muaythai-mark-blundell-4 smash-muaythai-mark-blundell-5

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