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It’s quite hard coming up with new ideas each time we create a highlight reel for another fight event, but this time I think we’ve done it! We’ve recently had a moody slow motion 60 second teaser for a TV advert, this video has again been shot to provide a smooth slow motion highlight reel, but this one is colour rather than black and white. It has been graded and I have added a few extra little bits to the highlight reel to make it slightly more interesting when some action happens. You’ll also notice changes in speed in places to coincide with big slams and elbows!

I enjoyed making the video, as each time we do these we have a chance to not only be a little creative, but it’s a chance to watch new videos to be inspired by them, then set out to find out how they are made and what techniques are used. I’m quite sure Michael Surtees will be happy with this epic MMA promo video!

With the MMA promo video out of the way, it’s time to edit all the fights, a total of eight to be precise. Then we can add the stats, timer graphics, check the audio, do some motion menus, bish-bash-bosh, job’s a good ‘un, BOOM, POW, power shower, downgrade, upsize… on with the next job! Well, not quite, we then have to prepare a program for the television – but this time should be a lot easier than our last as we know what we have to produce.

Now I’ve finished scribbling, I better get on with packing up my gear. Off to film some darts this weekend and also WFC3 in Cheshunt. Looking forward to it!!

Supremacy Fight Promo Video

Supremacy Fight Promo Video

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