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Two blog posts in one day, what’s happened?! Maybe I’m making up for the lack of blog posts over the past few months! Apologies before I get started as it appears I have caught the time lapse bug. It’s not exactly new to me, but when I revisit something I start to think about all the extra little things I can do to improve something I’ve done previously.

I’m currently sitting in the Journey’s hostel in Greenwich, or West Greenwich to be a little more precise (I think!) with my Canon 7D tethered to my faithful laptop once again using the EOS utility software. There are a few people sitting right next to me with a group of people playing pool, reggae is blasting over the stereo and I’m sipping on a Guinness (this is work). I’ve set the EOS utility to take photos every 25 seconds as I have an exposure time of 20 seconds and the apeture is set at f/14, it’s now taken just over 35 images which means I’ve only really got just over a second of footage… so will have to sit here till at least 11pm to have  a few seconds of footage.

Anyway… babbling (as per)… what I intend to do is get a lot more time lapse footage over the coming weeks and create some kind of time lapse compilation. I’ll have to capture some sunrises in my hometown and also some other bits which I am yet to figure out. If I get up early tomorrow Tom has recommended that I visit “a big hill in Greenwich” as it overlooks the City Of London and would be great for time lapse, this would involve waking up at 6-7am though… and I don’t really like that idea as I’ve had 2 pints of Guinness and it’s approaching 11pm…. we’ll see though!

That’s me done, I’m sure you’re bored already, apologies in order (as always).

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